About DDS Corp

DDS Corp provides technology infrastructure installation and maintenance services for US government bodies. We enable government agencies to stay secure with critical databases and facilitate seamless communication.

Experienced Services

At DDS Corp, we have extensive experience in the network and technology industry.

We have been in the military and know what it takes to maintain network systems, without compromising on any aspect.

DDS Corp
DDS Corp

Our Military Unit

Our team is a mix of military veterans and civilians who have worked with government entities on sensitive information technology equipment and projects.

Many of the projects that we have worked in the past are mission-critical and time-sensitive.

Steady Growth

We want to continue our service in a relative capacity. As we continue to strengthen government databases and equipment, we are joining military and civilian experts.

We believe that we are contributing to securing the military and government assets through our services. We want to make a positive impact, whether it is working with the military or another government entity.

We provide network infrastructure and design.

DDS Corp

Our Team

DDS Corp

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DDS Corp


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