Cyberecurity, Network and Cloud Computing

DDS Corp is an IT services company that enables government agencies to use disruptive and latest technologies in governance. We are an Ohio-based company that is thorough with all technological advancements.

Cloud Computing

In the age of digital evolution, US government agencies work on-the-go.

Experienced with cloud computing platforms including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS deliver models. Key technologies include Azure, Office365, AWS, Google Cloud, container services and CASB solutions.

DDS Corp
DDS Corp

Network Security

Security is the most integral aspect of protecting sensitive government assets.

We provide analytical support and risk assessment for output from cybersecurity capabilities such as endpoint security, audit logs and vulnerability scanning.

Network Operating Systems, Administration & Implementation

From installations, maintenance, to network diagnosis, DDS Corp provides end-to-end support in managing network operating systems.

DDS Corp
DDS Corp

Network Storage Applications

DDS Corp provides network storage applications to enable multiple users in a government agency to access databases.

We help in creating robust network systems for storage modernization and migration from legacy systems.

Network Infrastructure & Design

We provide complete network infrastructure and design services to enable secure connectivity from outdoor plant work to your server room.

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DDS Corp
Two installers work together to install conduit for fiber optic cable.